Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hanging Plates

I like to hang plates and platters on the wall as artwork.  I get them from thrift stores, antique shops and flea markets.  I also like to use the inexpensive melamine ones that have great pictures on them.

I usually use plate hangers to hang regular sized plates on the wall, but I have two very small plates (I think they are butter pat dishes) that are too small to be hung with them.  I first tried Command strips, but one fell off the wall a couple of hours later.  The back of the plates are indented so there isn't a flat space to put the strips.  I found this idea at Nesting Place.

This is how she did it:
"I warmed up the hot glue gun and from left to right we have a safety pin, upholstery tack and a paper clip.  They’ve been up for a week and I expect them to stay holding until I move stuff around.   You could also hot glue on a coke tab or a piece of string tied in a loop or wire.  There is no excuse for not hanging something you love."

So I'm going to try it and it better work because I want those butter pat dishes on the wall!

 Update:  I was using poster putty to position the butter pat dishes and see where I liked them before nailing.  When I went to remove them they were stuck to the wall very well.  So, I added more and firmly pressed them back into place.  That's it, nothing else needed!

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